About Us

Inversion Layers was created to solve a problem.  People who love extreme sports and want to show off their passions had relatively limited options to do so in a way that really captured what their sports were all about.  We spend so much time pursuing our passions and yet there was relatively little way to convey that passion through your clothing, until now.

We make designs that reflect the true nature of our passions in a comfortable and durable way that withstand all the abuses that our clothing take.  It really comes down to prioritizing living life to the fullest, creating memories that last a lifetime, and pursuing things you love the most, all while wearing the most comfortable clothing on the market.

An Inversion Layer itself is a layer in the atmosphere in which air temperature increases with height, due to air near the surface cooling more quickly than the air aloft.  Typically occurring when the sky is clear, the wind is light, and it's close to sunset, sometimes lasting well into the next morning.  This weather phenomena is a mainstay of living near the coast and reminds us of fond summer memories, plane door open, and the smell of warm ocean air hitting your face on the ride to altitude.  We can't think of a brighter memory when things get tough in life and we need a bit of positivity and inspiration.  Inversion Layers will always be that bright spot in our lives.

Live Life Inverted!