Event - March Inversion Camp

COVID-19 health and safety requirements:
  • Outdoors
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Duration: 2 days
Public Anyone on or off Facebook
* TO REGISTER * please fill out this form & review the info below: https://forms.gle/Da7zE3xJ67JdPoMj7
Hey Wingsuiters!
Are you looking to add some more fun to those fun jumps?
Join us for a 2 day skills camp seeking to expand and build on dynamic wingsuit skillsets over the skies of Southern California. Build and work on tight and steep formation flying, 270s, flares, layouts, hammerheads, etc. as participant skillsets allow. Experience doing layouts and other advanced moves not required, we will adjust the dive flows to the skills of the flyers in each group. The main priority is safety first!
Likely will have 2 groups: one intermediate/beginner and one advanced group. Recommend everyone be flying an ATC/ Strix size or larger and have some flocking experience or be comfortable flying in small groups.
- Ryan Blunk IG @moderatelydecent
- Jonathan Bizilia IG @jonathanbizilia
Camp Format:
- 2 day event
- Small groups per Coach. Each day the coach will change groups so you get a fresh experience
-Early showtime so that we can try for 5-6 jumps but we will shoot for more if possible.
- Please ensure that all paperwork and gear checks are done with the drop zone ahead of time.
-There will be around 40 minutes between loads for packing, debrief, and jump brief. We will meet on the 20 min call to debrief and walk the next jump; if you can't pack that fast please hire a packer.
-Bring food, water and whatever else you may need because we do not plan on taking lunch breaks.
-This is a teamwork focused format, flying well relative to others in a safe manner is a must.
Costs and Registration:
- $250 registration covers both days of the camp; you will individually be responsible for your slots with the DZ
- We must pre-pay the dropzone for 6 jumps per day x 2 days = 12 jumps to facilitate the event and have the dropzone limit tandems to accomodate us.
You will be reimbursed for any jumps not made due to weather or logistics but if the group does a jump and you miss your load, your slot will not be reimbursed.
- Cost for the jumps will be $31/ jump.
Sorry, block jumps not allowed
- As experienced skydivers we know weather is a factor out of our control, registration is non-refundable
Cancellation/ Refunds:
- Refunds for any reason (such as weather) will be handled on a case by case basis and not guaranteed. By signing up for the camp, everyone is committed to making all jumps their group makes.
- If a participant cannot make it to the event and a replacement is found they will receive a full refund minus $100 dollar admin fee. Full registration is owed if no replacement is found.
- If a replacement is not found, you will be responsible for the cost of your slots.
*****IMPORTANT INFO********
The drop zone is being gracious enough that we don’t have to pay them in advance of the event for the lift tickets like previous events, but it cannot be stressed enough that you are committing to the FULL COST of the camp when you sign up and are expected to make EVERY jump the camp does.
With contributions by Inversion Layers, UPT, and L&B Altimeters ❤
Excited to push together as a team; excited to fly with everyone